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Welcome to the about page. So, what is this all about, you ask? Good question. Sometimes I wonder that myself.


In the briefest terms possible, it's a comedy that will get deep at times.

If this comic was available in your local book store my editor would probably slap this on the back cover:

The only thing Orion wanted after a long day of work was to have

a quiet afternoon. Unfortunately for him, life, fate, and his younger sister Rosie always have different plans for him. In a world where devices called "clocks" can be used to genetically modify living organisms, the two siblings find a strange guy, unconscious, with an unusual clock installed on his forehead. Little do they know, that's far from the weirdest thing about the petty criminal they just took in.

Cheesy much, eh? So imprecise, too. Well, the second best thing I can offer you are AO3 tags, had this comic been a literary work of fiction:


And lastly, in my own words;


The Clockmaster is a story about passions, who they make us in our eyes and in the eyes of people around us.


A story about discovering yourself anew, finding what's truly important for you and following these values even if it comes at a great price.


And finally, a story about love in its many forms, and how it changes who you are as a person.

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