Post chapter 3 break! (and other things)

Updated: May 7

Hi everyone!

As you know the third chapter of the Clockmaster has reached it's conclusion! I hope you're enjoying the comic so far and looking forward to seeing what other terrible(-y funny) things await the main trio in chapter 4.

But before I can focus on continuing the story I have a few other things that I need to take care of. Been spreading myself too thin recently while trying to juggle too many artistic balls at once and I must admit I'm feeling a bit tired! Keeping a healthy relationship between work and leisure time is important and I would hate to burn myself out before I can finish this comic ; w ;

This is a long way of saying TCM will go on a short break so I can mentally rest and regroup, perhaps blow the dust off my other hobbies, and wrap everything that needs my attention up in a neat little bow. Anywho, The Clockmaster should be back in April! I'll still be around all my socials so you can catch me there! Also I've been getting into live streaming again so if you fancy seeing other projects I'm working on come join us on twitch <3 That's all I think! I'll see you soon! - Marcia

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