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Hi, long time no talk! Long story short, The Clockmaster will be going on an extended hiatus. I'm currently smothered with work, side gigs, store orders as well as doujinshi projects I've been making on the side.

Additionally going forward the Clockmaster will change it's release schedule from weekly pages to bigger, more spread out batches so you can experience the comic in a more coherent manner. That, however, is something I'll figure out closer to October/November this year.

TCM is by no means dead, I just want to do so much more than I have time to.

I'm still obviously active on all my personal socials @marciaillust

That's that for now, thank you for sticking around and I'll see you when my schedule is kinder.

- Marcia

An overdue announcement!

I recently moved to a new place which caused an avalanche of problems for me thus preventing me from drawing TCM. Some of those issues are still ongoing (my landlord didn't install broadband wiring, I don't have wifi at home skdjhsfd) so The Clockmaster will be taking a break until February.

Thank you for your patience an understanding! <3

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